Alan Fang

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Alan Fang has a proven track record of leading young companies and startup enterprises across many industries to strong growth. With a real passion for bringing new ideas and innovations to life, it is Mr. Fang’s specialty to create both online and offline immersive experiences that engage directly with the modern-day consumer.

As the former Chief Executive Officer of Formula Electric Racing (Hong Kong) Limited, Mr. Fang was a key figure in the team that brought the world’s fully electric racing series to Hong Kong for the first time in 2016. Not only was Mr. Fang devoted to promote electric-powered motorsport’s unique combination of energy, entertainment, and environmental sustainability through the Hong Kong E-Prix spectacle, he also facilitated the ongoing conversation with the local public on electric vehicle adoption.

The concept and development of The Kaleido Park is the latest of Mr. Fang’s ambitious projects, which will further enhance the reputation of Hong Kong’s tourism industry and elevate the city to become one of Asia’s hotspots for Cultural Tourism. Through entertainment, soft education, and family friendly activities in collaboration with renowned floriculture experts from around the world, the one-of-a-kind theme park will appeal to the technology and social media savvy community of global travellers who seek personalised experiences in the Cultural Tourism space, and provide public joy to the local masses who look for the perfect family day out.

Mr. Fang began his career in 1999 at J.P. Morgan’s Riskmetrics Group. In 2003 he launched Novo Concepts, one of China’s biggest fashion retailers with brands including Miss Sixty, Replay and Evisu, which boasts of annual sales of RMB 1 billion today. He is also responsible for bringing Lesportsac, a leading handbag and accessories company, to China in 2008 and helping the brand cultivate a network of more than 600 stores.

Ibo Gülsen

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Ibo Gülsen and his team’s immense experience and love for flowers is unparalleled. They have left audiences around the world enchanted through floriculture theme park masterpieces.

An expert in creative story telling that captivates the mind, Mr. Gülsen’s critically acclaimed works never fail to showcase the deep connection between humans and flowers, and how the wonder of nature can always brighten one’s mood through its symmetry of infinite colours and shapes.

In most projects, Mr. Gülsen takes a leading role to promote and facilitate the cooperation with Holland, his homeland, and its companies and institutions among his partners and relations abroad.

In a first for Hong Kong, Mr. Gülsen will collaborate with local entrepreneur Mr. Alan Fang, with the backing of both the Hong Kong SAR Government, and the Government of The Netherlands, to bring a flower themed cultural park to the city. As Creative Director of the project, Mr. Gülsen will be the mastermind behind the unforgettable immersive journey that The Kaleido Park will offer its visitors – engaging directly with them through the beauty and aesthetics of flowers, stimulating the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Mr. Gülsen received the official Jiangsu Friendship Award from Vice-Governor Zhang Lei in 2016 for his contribution to the Dafeng Holland Flower Park. In the following year, he introduced the Dutch garden and flower industry on Chinese National Television, CCTV’s Homeland Dreamland programme, making the 45-year-old one of the most recognizable floriculture experts in China, and across Asia.

Mr. Gülsen’s other credentials include a master’s degree in Business and General Economics at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in Amsterdam and completed his campus research at the University of California at Berkeley. He has held international positions at corporations like KPN (telecoms), Wolters Kluwer (professional publishing) and Bird & Bird LLP (legal services). From 2006-2014 he served as member of the municipal council (including party chairman) of the city of The Hague for the VVD, being mainly involved in urban and economic development, tourism, transport and safety & security.